Hey there! I'm Steph, a senior New Media Design major at Rochester Institute of Technology. I'm a double Business Administration and Digital Business minor with an immersion in Advertising and Public Relations. I'll be graduating in May 2018.
I'm an energetic, hard-working designer eager to learn and create visually stunning but practical interfaces, experiences and interactions that solve needs and have measurable results.
I love design: UI/UX, visual and motion. I'm a total people person. I pride myself on my ability to empathize and my willingness to connect with others. I love traveling; it's central to my identity. I love the mountains, game day, live music, drinking coffee, and puppies. I dream of one day living and working in Europe. I'm constantly pondering the ethics and morals of the technology and platforms and products I use and design. I have a fascination with languages and I'm currently teaching myself two. I'm also a retired college soccer player who feels at home with a ball at her feet. Ask me about my juggling record ️⚽️
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