The Box
Custom BMW orders are built in Munich, Germany and take about 6 weeks to be constructed and delivered to North America. When the finished car finally arrives at the customer's local BMW dealer, the customer has to go through a process of filling out paperwork and finalizing the sale, a process referred to as being "in the box" 📦 . Here, BMW Financial Services offers up their suite of products. Various protection plans, credit card offers, roadside assistance and AutoPay systems are communicated. 

Customers are typically un-receptive and impatient in this context; they've waited so long for their new ride.
The Brief
Build an experience that enables people who have just ordered BMW vehicles from Germany to follow the progress of their car's build and shipping, while receiving useful information about the vehicle, and to preview available Financial Services products during the process.
Working Professionals
The BMW consumer is typically a working professional or executive. Typically aged 25-65, both male and female, a BMW customer typically falls somewhere in the middle to upper class. These individuals have high incomes, are determined and ambitious, and often have busy lifestyles. They're brand loyalists, and BMW loyalists are high value customers. 
An exploration of various ways to display progress and sub-steps of a complex production process. The user has the ability to see where their car is in the high-level stages of production as well as the details of the individual stages within the "Order - Production Shipping and Arrival Processes. There are always Financial Services offers present in the web-app and various relevant interactive hot spots that relate to various Financial Services offers.
Branded UI Elements
Above are various screenshots of the UI elements living on The goal was to create a new tool, but to keep it within the BMW brand guidelines and existing media. Helvetica, brand colors, flat design/flat iconography, and subtle rounded corners were carried over into my design to fit right in. 
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