Book Cover/Poster Design

These were two basic first year projects. One being a poster for Dante's Inferno and the other being a poster for a talk about the famous type designer, Frederick Goudy. Side story: I read Dante's "Inferno" in high school with a very, very tough AP Literature teacher and this book has stuck with me since then. The final concept was a total accident. I was trying different clipping masks of the word "INFERNO" in Illustrator. I was working with the mask to find the perfect balance of readability and character using flat flames to engulf the word "INFERNO". I had stacked all of the different renditions on top of each other. My professor caught a glimpse of them and told me that what I had on the side was an awesome solution. The rest is history. The stacked words, deteriorating the lower they go, represent the various levels of hell.

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